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Blossom Yoga, Pilates & Self-Care

Blossom DURHAM REGION Classes

Yoga Relax and Restore

Tuesday 7:05 pm - 8:05 pm

January 10 - March 21

Whitby Seniors' Activity Centre

Contact Whitby Seniors' Activity Centre to register for classes.


Every Thursday 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm

Abilities Centre

Free drop in class for members

Gentle Yoga

Every Sunday 11:00 am - 11:55 pm

Abilities Centre

Free drop in class for members

Abilities Centre

All ages and abilities are welcome.

Drop-in classes are included in the cost of a membership. Guest passes are available and free for first time users. Pay per class options available.

See Abilities Centre for more information.


Therapeutic Muscle Activation

Therapeutic Muscle Activation uses key muscle activation and isometrics to awaken muscles that are no longer doing the work they should be doing. When the muscles are not doing their job, we end up with back pain, tight hips, tight hamstrings and unable to build core strength. TMA builds strength, increases range of motion, and improves stability and balance all within a yoga practice.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is for people new to yoga, people experiencing joint sensitivity, or for those looking to reduce stress in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Gentle Yoga emphasizes stretching, proper alignment and breath awareness. It helps to improve balance and increase flexibility. The Gentle Yoga class ends with restorative postures or Yoga Nidra.

Relax and Restore Yoga

In a world where people never seem to get enough sleep and watching television is their idea of resting, Relax and Restore Yoga is a way to regulate the nervous system by slowing it down, naturally relaxing the body. Everyone would benefit from an opportunity to let their bodies relax and recharge in a Yoga class with restorative poses, but it is extremely benefical for those suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia and those that have completed cancer treatments.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga comprises a wide range of mind/body practices, from postural and breathing exercises to deep relaxation and meditation. Yoga Therapy tailors these to the health needs of the individual. It helps to promote all-round positive health, as well as assisting particular medical conditions. The therapy is particularly appropriate for many chronic conditions that persist despite conventional medical treatment.

Yoga Therapy respects individual differences in age, culture, religion, philosophy, occupation, and mental and physical health. The Yoga Therapist applies Yoga Therapy according to the period, the place, and the practitioner's age, strength, and activities.

Conditions Supported by Yoga Therapy Practices and Education:

  • Stress Management
  • Concentration & Productivity Issues
  • Depression & Anxiety Support
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis
  • Asthma and Other Respiratory Ailments
  • Cancer (Post-treatment Support)


Lisa Fortner discovered yoga in college when free classes were offered to students to help them deal with the pressures of college. After obtaining her Kids Yoga certification through Young Yoga Masters, she went on to complete her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification, Pre-natal certification, Restorative Yoga certification and Therapeutic Muscle Activation certification through Balanced Life Yoga. After seeing the positive effects yoga can have on the individual, she decided to pursue her Comprehensive Yoga Therapist's certification through Welkin YogaLife Institute.

Lisa teaches classes at the Abilities Centre and the Whitby Seniors' Activity Centre in the Durham Region. For more information on classes or yoga therapy, email Lisa at [email protected].